About Us


Our social enterprise is based in South East London and it is formed by:

Giona Fiorentino: after completing a BA in product design at I.S.I.A. Rome, he decided to move to London in 2009 to expand the connection between this discipline and sustainable developmentobtaining a Masters in Design and Environment at Goldsmiths Univeristy of London. After building extensive knowledge in in product development, community engagment, and participatrory design practices across innovative design companies and charities he decides to o pursue a career as social innovator. In 2017 he completes a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship which leads to the decision to found Better Fabrics, promoting environmental and creative resilience bridging businesses and the local communities.

Eloisa Belloni, Venetian mask making artisan. She runs workshops across London, keep a long established family tradition of mask making and decoration alive.

Emilia Ievolella, designer and junior architect. Her talent spans across many disciplines to deliver projects and interventions that promote innovation and sustainable development.


We decided that our creative effort and skills could support local resilience. Therefore, we created Better Fabrics a social enterprise that aims at transforming the community where we operate proposing an innovative approach to waste and established partnerships with local businesses towards a common vision of environmental sustainability. We are based in Deptford, South-East London collecting material from our local suppliers. Literally, we walk and cycle around Deptford, Lewisham, Ladywell and New Cross collecting cartons of different sizes and colours to give life to our beautiful products. We partnered with cafés and bars that would store the cartons for us to collect. Drawing from that, we understood that the focus of our project not only would it be around upcycling material to create unique and beautiful bags, but also to enhance relationships with local business, boosting an important sense of community and sustainable development.