Handbags and Shoppers



Everything started when we realised that Tetra Pak cartons, the material most of milk and juice cartons are made of can not be recycled properly due to the internal multi-layer that prevents to easily seprate aluminium from paper and plastic. Nevertheless, we realised that these cartons are really resistant and waterproof and that they are used by so many cafes in London. We knew this material had the potential to be reused in a sustainable way in order to create something new and incredible. As a result, we came up with the idea of making bags out of them! We designed two sizes of bags: the handbag and the shopper to accomodate the needs of our customers. Our range of beautiful handbags can carry up to 6 kilos whilst the shoppers can carry up to 9 kilos. Each bag is unique and has been crafted by hand at our workshop by our small team, where we stock and transform the materialwe collect, and come up with new ideas.